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How can you get the most from a relationship with an independent advisor?

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What are some of the things you should be thinking about?  Vanguard, long known for their low-cost funds and a favorite of individual investors, created a short report, “Learn How To Manage Your Retirement“.  You can download it here.

You might want to begin with a few of the resources below:

The Financial Conversation Checklist

This is a checklist of financial topics you may wish to discuss with your spouse. The list is rather extensive and you may wish to discuss some of the topics with your estate attorney or tax professional; but, it may serve as a welcome reminder of a few issues you may have overlooked.  Here’s our LifeGuide: Thinking About Retirement.

Decide on your priorities  –  This one is key!  If you choose to schedule an introductory call with Jim Lorenzen, you will be asked to complete this Priority Review and return it prior to the call.

Your Goals

It’s easy to overlook – or fail to prioritize – goals when arranging assets. This Goals Exercise might be helpful for you and your spouse to discuss. If you both do the exercise separately and then discuss the outcome, it might help you to arrive on the `same page’ when you get to the planning stage.   You can access the IFG Retirement Resources site to obtain tools you can use for your preparation.

Your Data

Knowing where everything is can be quite comforting, especially when you need certain pieces or information quickly at an important time. This Data Checklist can be a ‘lifesaver’; but only if you use it.


Begin Assembling

Still working?  This workbook may be of help in getting all your data organized.  It isn’t a requirement for using IFG’s services,, but it’s a tool you might find helpful.

You can start putting it all together here.

Your Values

When prioritizing your goals, it’s worth to align them with your values. Here’s a Values Exercise that will help you do that.

How can you know if you and IFG might be a good fit? Here are a few clues.

You are likely a good fit if you are:

  • Interested in aligning your resources to support your long-term goals and values.
  • Ready to collaborate in crafting a life plan.
  • Ready to make significant financial decisions.
  • Interested in understanding why certain financial choices are made.
  • NOT interested in chasing investment tips and stories or trying to “beat the market”.
  • Able to maintain investment discipline according to your long-term plan when all of your friends are chasing investment short-term headlines, tips or fads.

If the above sounds like you, you are likely an excellent fit for IFG services.

Getting Started

Ready? Here’s how you can get started with IFG!