The Planning Process

The Six-Step Financial Planning Process

Are you over age 50 and concerned about your future?  Do you need help? The financial planning process is really a road map designed to help you on the way to your goals.

Planning for retirement income and wealth preservation in the face of inflation and taxes requires some thought.   If you would like to arrange an introductory phone call, you can use our convenient scheduler!

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Here are some questions worth pondering:

  • Will your retirement income last to life expectancy for two people?
  • How will your next major purchase or repair impact your retirement planning for two decades from now?
  • Does your financial plan include an investment policy statement that provides a roadmap for your long-term investments?
  • Was your retirement plan the result of a collaboration with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, or a “boiler plate” presentation from a product salesperson?
  • Are you getting your advice from a broker or a Registered Investment Advisor

Technology today has leveled the playing field for investors. While access to sophisticated planning and institutional management – once was the exclusive domain of the old `big-name’ bricks-and-mortar firms – technology has leveled the playing field, allowing investors greater access while still utilizing the guidance of independent, non-conflicted service providers who don’t operate in a sales environment.

The Planning Process – Six Steps

Here’s a graphic illustration of how it all fits together.


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How to Get Started!

  1. Take Inventory.  Any plan is only as good as its input. We begin with gathering all relevant data.  You can begin by providing some basic information here.  In addition to your financial information, we also work with you to construct your personal investment profile. We also help you identify goals, objectives, timelines, and priorities.(a)  You can begin that process by downloading the IFGi_RetirementPriorityReview_vsa.  You can save it to your hard drive and fill-it-out on your computer.  When you’re done, you can save it and send it back to Jim Lorenzen, CFP® ( as at attachment.
    (b)  Then, arrange for your introductory call with Jim using our convenient scheduler here!
  1. Situation/Needs Gap AnalysisYour current portfolio is analyzed for risk characteristics and a `stress test’ analysis is performed to see how a similar asset allocation would have performed in any given year back to 1970 and exposes best/worst case scenarios. There’s even a ‘melt-down’ test. These simulations help calculate success probabilities, taking taxes, inflation, portfolio inflows and outflows. “What-If” testing allows us to help determine what adjustments should be made to help identify tax-efficiencies and improve success and worst-case scenarios.
  2. Data Review and Construction of an Action PlanWe then review our findings with you and discuss alternative approaches for fulfilling the Action Plan. Review/Refinement of Action-Plan
  3. Review/Refinement of Action PlanWe then conduct our search, screening, and selection process to arrive at the investment/manager mix designed to fulfill your objectives in a manner consistent with your profile, gap analysis, and plan criteria.
  4. Plan ImplementationOnce you’ve approved the plan and selections have been finalized, implementation is largely an administrative process. We prepare and process the appropriate paperwork, facilitate asset transfers, set-up monitoring procedures, and coordinate efforts with your accountant, attorney, and other advisors as necessary
  5. Monitoring with Reviews and RevisionsIn addition to regularly scheduled review meetings, plan performance is monitored continuously and you can expect communication from IFG throughout the year, including performance, updates, newsletters, etc. Complete information is also available 24/7 via the “Clients Only” portal of our website.Jim Lorenzen is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® based in Simi Valley, California, also serving clients across the United States.  To arrange an introductory phone call, just use our convenient scheduler!