Who’s Looking Out for YOU?


Your candidates likely reside in three camps:

Not all advisors are alike; and it’s worth knowing how to tell them apart.

While the overwhelming majority of investment and financial advisors are honest, reputable, qualified, and provide quality work for loyal clients, those who are looking for a potential advisor do face a daunting task.  It isn’t easy. Continue reading

Fraudsters Targeting Seniors Chasing Yield

Whenever there’s a crowd chasing a solution, there’s a fraudster willing to take their money.

While inflation has found people at the gas pump and the grocery line, the increased income inflation is supposed to provide has not found its way into Social Security payouts.  This has resulted in many seniors searching desperately for high yield; and, the more desperate they are, the more the fraudsters like it.

The August issue of Retirement Advisor magazine cited a new investor alert from The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that lists some “red flags” worth noting: Continue reading

The Financial Tool That Solves Many of Life’s Problems!


There’s more to retirement planning than simply saving money and hoping everything gets covered.  Much more is possible if you know how to use the tools.  

Few people outside the financial industry understand the power of life insurance as a planning tool.  It’s understandable:  When most people think of life insurance, the (often) typical reaction is often something like, “I don’t believe in insurance.  Those big insurance companies are just placing bets and making a lot of money.” Continue reading

Retirement Planning and Denial


Are boomers in denial when it comes to retirement planning?   While we’ve covered the state of financial illiteracy previously, denial is also all to rampant.

Take a look at the following.  I want to state up-front that I didn’t write the two paragraphs and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know or remember where I found it – so my apologies to whoever it might be that I’m plagerizing; but, I thought you might find it interesting. Continue reading

Retirement Planning and Medicaid Maneuvers


Show me a retirement problem and I’ll show you someone with a planning solution packaged to solve it.

Unfortunately, too many people jump at great sounding packaged solutions without doing their homework.

In recent years, Medicaid Planning has taken center stage, particularly in the insurance community. And, it’s no surprise.  Many people are concerned about having enough money to live on and the idea of spending down all of their assets to pay for long-term care.  Many will establish certain types of entities like trusts, give cash gifts to children, spend money on exempt assets or engage in other legal financial maneuvers. Continue reading

Retirement Planning Dilemma

6a017c332c5ecb970b01a73df22bdd970d-320wiRetirement planning is becoming increasingly difficult for many pre-retirees; and it’s virtually ignored among the young – so, what else is new?  Expectations may a part, but there’s more.

One cause of the problem, of course, rests with advisors themselves.  According to Phoenix Marketing International, only one-third of all households feel that financial firms look out for their best interests. Continue reading