Case Study:  How One Couple Planned for a "Late Life Income" without Giving Up Control!

Case Study:  How One Couple Planned for their "Late Life" Income without Giving Up Control of their Money.

Scott and Linda (not their real names) have worked hard, saved, and invested well.  They have a comfortable nest-egg and likely won't run out of money during retirement.  However, just in case something unexpected should happen, they would like to make sure they can have an iincome in their old age.  

This case study will show you how they created an income strategy that:

  • Could provide Cost of Living Increases all the way to age 100
  • Didn't require them to forfeit their principal
  • Would provide income that's tax-free
  • Would give them the flexibility to take more, less, or none at all without any required minimum distributions
  • That can be leveraged to provide additional benefits should they need them.