How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Stocks?

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Jim Lorenzen, CFP®, AIF®

… and what do rising interest rates (and inflation) mean to your long-term success?

Maybe less than you think… or is it maybe more than you think.

We don’t really know, do we?   Planning isn’t about what we know; if it were, we’d all just go with our guts and get rich!  Planning is about what we don’t know.

But we do have indicators.   Past performance is no guarantee the future will repeat – we know that; but, maybe – just maybe – it can provide a little idea of how markets have reacted to rising interest rates in the past.  Here’s a chart from Bloomberg; I apologize for the fuzziness.

As you can see (I hope) since March of 1971, there have been 21 periods of rising interest rates.  Of those 21 periods, the S&P declined only 5 times and the largest decline was around 5.5%.   Comforting?  Well, good reading  anyway.

The problem, of course, is we’re dealing with real money and real people’s lives.

It pays to have a ‘back-up’ in your financial plan that can help ensure there’s a ‘late life income’ even if everything else falls victim to the incompetency of elected officials who’ve become self-anointed economic experts.

For that reason, I thought you might enjoy a report I’ve put together about how to create a ‘late life income’ by adding another component to your investment diversification strategy.

I think you might enjoy it -it’s based on an actual case study.  You can access your Late Life Income report here.


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Jim Lorenzen, CFP®, AIF®

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