Ten Tips for Retiring Rich

“Money may not be too important to you, pal; but, to me, it ranks right up there with oxygen.

Ruth Gordon

Former Actress

It’s a funny line – and there’s a certain ring of truth to it; after all, no one wants to live a life of worry and insecurity in their later years; But, rich and wealthy are two different things.  While both are possible, I think most people would say that freedom from worry, coupled with living a full and rich life, would rank pretty high. Continue reading

Commissions or Fees: Which is Cheaper

You guessed it:  It depends.

You can ask ten people and get ten different opinions about this issue; but, after more than twenty years in this business – having begun in a Wall Street big name `wire house’ and gradually changing my business model from stockbroker to independent broker to independent planner/broker to independent planner/broker/advisor to independent planner/advisor and having spoken with hundreds of other advisors over the years at scores of industry conferences and conventions – this is my own humble opinion: Continue reading