Worried About Living Too Long?

6a017c332c5ecb970b017ee9006b18970d-120wi (1)Longevity risk is getting a lot of attention these days, particularly with many of us living in the ‘sandwich generation’ – taking care of both elderly parents as well as grown children who’ve moved back in with their parents.   As someone experiencing this first hand, I can tell you it’s an expensive proposition – particularly taking care of aging parents.

Now, a few companies are stepping up with insurance products to address longevity concerns… longevity insurance.  It’s called ‘longevity insurance’ because it’s basically protecting you if you live longer by allowing you to make a payment now for a large flow of income in your later years. Continue reading

Bull or Bubble?

IFG LOGO BOXFinancial planning is about preserving purchasing power for retirement and beyond.  It may not be as easy as it looks, especially for those close to or in retirement.

Few of these folks have overweighted stock allocations.  In the meantime, bonds have likely hit their highs and their yields are low; so, even a 40% increase in stock prices, for example, would result in only an 8% increase in portfoliio value for someone who’s had just 20% of his portfolio in stocks, assuming bond values didn’t change.  When you add factors like inflation, and taxes on required minimum distributions for tax-deferred accounts, etc., one can see why investors are concerned.
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