Thinking of an indexed annuity? Why not just build your own?

6a017c332c5ecb970b019103500289970c-320wiYou’ve heard the annuity pitch.  It says you can participate in market gains while being protected against loss!    But do you really need to buy an annuity to do that?

To paraphrase Warren Buffett, there may be just too many mouths to feed between the investor and the investment; and all those mouths cost money.

Insurance companies don’t have a special market to invest in.  They have to access the same markets you do; so, why pay them to do what you can do yourself? Continue reading

College Aid Fake “Advisors” Abound

Senior couple meeting with agentLast weekend I was going through my email in-box and found a company offering to supply me with a proven system for attracting new clients by selling an IMMEDIATE NEED, rather than a future one.

The immediate need target market is supposedly parents of high-school (college bound) kids who are seeking college aid!

It looked enticing.  Every advisor would like to have new clients, particularly those who have a problem that a qualified advisor might be able to solve!  Maybe I’ll look into this. Continue reading

Is Owning Your Home ALWAYS the Best Idea?

6a017c332c5ecb970b01901c23af2a970b-320wiThat’s what we’ve always been told!  But, how many of us have ever really run the numbers?  A recent case from indicates what most of us already know:  Most people don’t understand cash flow.

An article by Jim Grote, CFP®, in this month’s Financial Planning relates the story of a 54-year old single woman, a homeowner, who intends to retire at age 66.   The question:  What would happen if she sold her home in 2016 and rented a similar home in the neighborhood?   Since people are living longer and it’s wise to be conservative, a life expectancy of 100 was used. Continue reading