Are You Recharging Your Batteries?

Many years ago, back during my days in publishing, I read an exchange between Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino – this was when Jack Nicklaus was dominating golf, much like Tiger did some years ago.   Of course, we know today that Jack Nicklaus ended-up with 18 professional majors… more than Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player combined!In those days, Jack Nicklaus was known for playing a limited schedule of around 15 tournaments each year, while others were out there almost every week!   Continue reading

Your Doctor’s Business Model May Change Soon

Many doctors are overworked and making less.  Now, with Medicare reimbursement revenue being cut, new business models may be on the way.

As medical costs have risen, insurance companies have taken steps to reduce their exposure, putting a cap on a physician’s income.  At the same time, doctors have seen their costs rise without caps, i.e., rent, utilities, medical and office supplies, wages for office staff, and, of course, insurance costs, including malpractice. Continue reading