How to Exit Your Business, Provide for Your Retirement, Turn the Business Over to your Kids, and Still Give Money To Charity!

6a017c332c5ecb970b019b050c4fec970d-320wiYou say you own a successful C-corporation with excess cash and you’d like to retire and turn it over to your children and still give money to charity?

You don’t have to be Warren Buffett or Bill Gates to utilize sophisticated financial strategies to achieve your goals.  Many are available to everyone; but, not everyone is aware they exist or how to use them.

There’s a way. Continue reading

Why Install an Executive Compensation Plan?

6a017c332c5ecb970b019b050bdff4970d-320wiSimple.  Quite often qualified plan contributions, even at the limits, will be inadequate to meet the retirement income needs of highly compensated employees.

Executives at companies with 401(k) plans actually often find they’re severely limited by plan limits as to how much they can contribute; and, that severely limits their ability to achieve the necessary levels of retirement income to continue their pre-retirement standard of living, even when coupled with Social Security. Continue reading