Retirement is Different!


If you’re planning your retirement about now, it’s worth coming to this realization:  You’re entering a new stage of life.  It’s a simple statement; but, don’t confuse it as being simplistic.

You’ve been accumulating assets up to now; and, during accumulation, negative market fluctuations are not only partially masked by your ongoing contributions, they even allow you to gather additional positions at reduced prices. Continue reading

A Reverse Mortgage Quickie Primer

Reverse mortgages can be worthwhile; but, there’s no free lunch.  Here are some issues to review.

A reverse mortgage is a loan against the value of your home that does not have to be paid back for as long as you live in the home.  Simply put, a reverse mortgage converts some of the equity in your home into income.  And, because it’s really loan proceeds you’re receiving, it’s free of income tax liability (be sure to talk with your tax advisor anyway). Continue reading