News and Markets Make You Worry?


Jim Lorenzen, CFP®, AIF®

When I first entered this business back in 1990, most people were watching financial tv shows – virtually all of which were covering mutual funds in those days.  It seemed everyone wanted to buy mutual funds!

In a way, it made sense.  In those days, the large baby-boom demographic bubble was largely made-up of people who were accumulating and in their peak earning years.  Now, however, the story is different.

Growth with some risk seemed okay.  Retirement was still a long ways off.  But, today, the story has changed.  Baby-boomers are getting closer to retirement and other issues are more important:  Security and predictability.

If those issues are important to you, you may enjoy reading our IFGi_Report_Let’s Review that may help put things in perspective for you.  Enjoy!




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