Your Life Data File

Life Data File

Here’s a basic “Bare-
Bones” list you can
use. For a complete
list, download the free PDF file!

Give location of this information to executor, spouse, anyone with power of attorney.

  • Social Security #
  • Spouse Social Security #
  • Beneficiary Names, Addresses, Social Security #, Birthdates
  • Military ID #
  • Account Numbers and Locations
  • Will/Trus(s) Location
  • Life Insurance Policy #s and carriers
  • Annuity Contract #s and carriers
  • Credit Card #s
  • Checking Accounts and checkbook locations
  • Accountant name and phone
  • Attorney name and phone
  • Insurance Agent name and phone
  • Company Benefits Administrator name and phone
  • Planner name and phone
  • Other Advisor/Family Member/Friend name and phone
  • Who will pay immediate bills if you can’t? Ongoing?

Notification List

Name and contact # of the following:

  • Family Member/Friend (Help and Support)
  • Memorial Society/Church (Help Organize Memorial Arrangements, 946-6822)
  • Attorney (Legal Notifications and Filings)
  • Executor (See Executor Duties List Attached)
  • Accountant (Identify Required Valuations and Tax Filings)
  • Planner
  • Employer
  • Organizations
  • Children/Relatives
  • Close Friends
  • Benefits Admin at Work (Explain Benefits and Necessary Paperwork)
  • Insurance Agent/Company (Assist to File Claim)
  • Social Security Admin (Disability/Survivor Benefits, 800-772-1213)
  • Dept. of Defense (Benefits, 800-321-1080)

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