Your Values

Values Exercise

What’s important to you?

Directions: Rank each of the following values 1-16 (or more). You must ‘Rank’ each one, i.e., NO ties!

(Drawn from Ken Rouse, Putting Money in its Place)

____ ACHIEVEMENT: To accomplish something important in life, to succeed at what I am doing

____ AESTHETICS: To be able to appreciate beauty and be creative

____ AUTHORITY/POWER: To be a key decision maker and direct other’s activities

____ ADVENTURE: To experience variety and excitement, and to respond to challenging opportunities

____ AUTONOMY: To be independent, to have freedom and do what I want to do

____ HEALTH: To be physically, mentally and emotionally well, to feel energetic and to have a sense of well being

____ INTEGRITY: To have close personal relationships, to share love with family and friends

____ PLEASURE: To experience enjoyment and satisfaction from activities in which I participate

____ RECOGNITION: To be seen as successful, receive acknowledgement for achievement

____ SECURITY: To feel stable and comfortable with few changes or anxieties in my life

____ SENSE OF HUMOR: To keep life experiences in perspective through appropriate use of humor

____ SERVICE: To provide for the community through contributing time, money, or skills

____ SPIRITUAL GROWTH: To have harmony with the infinite source of life

____ FINANCIAL WEALTH: To acquire enough money to be financially independent

____ WISDOM: To have insight, to be able to pursue new knowledge and have clear judgment

____ OTHER

____ OTHER